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Goa has it all, sun, sand and sea. With a unique blend of Latin and Oriental cultures with a dazzling variety of exotic flora and fauna, lush green hinterland, rivers that offer water adventure sports that will thrill you beyond expectation. Goa's charm is timeless.....Its uniqueness lies in the fact that whilst creating a delicate synthesis of various cultures, it has retained its inherent soul. Goa, certainly is a land of dreams and romance.....a timeless world of gentle hospitable people and unhurried activity. The other side of the coin offers you beach parties, discos, an off shore floating casino, fulfilling enjoyment as you have never experienced before. Goa is what you make it. Make your dreams come true.
Geographical Details.
Goa, a tiny emerald land of 3,702 Sq.Kms. on the west coast of India, has natural scenic beauty, attractive beaches, churches and temples, famous for Its architecture, feasts and festivals and above all hospitable people with a rich mix of cultural activities. Ensconced on the slopes of the Western ghats (Sahyadri ranges), Goa is bounded on the North by Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, on the East by Belgaum, on the South by Karwar Districts of Karnataka, and on the west by the Arabian Sea.
Goa - Climate
Goa's temperature is moderate but varying with the seasons. May is the hottest month while January and February are the coldest. There is a prevalence of tropical weather the rest of the year. The Southwest Monsoon brings rain in Goa between June and September.
Goa - Best Season
During Christmas and Newyear party time in Goa is at its absolute peak. Come and join us and meet people from all over the world.

Goan People
The people of Goa are very friendly and happy-go-lucky. Siesta is an important part of life in Goa with shops downing their shutters from one to four with most Goans retiring for the afternoon. Though the people of Goa are of different faiths and from different cultural backgrounds, they have come together to create the easygoing Goan culture with its emphasis on good living.

Goan Food
Goan food is delicious. A culinary delight combining the best of the Konkan, the Portuguese and the Bahamani Nawabi cuisine. The fruits of the sea are used lavishly in Goan food different types of fish, prawns, mussels, oysters, crabs and many more.

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